What We Do

Diode Digital is a digital design agency

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In simple terms, we create websites and HTML emails, animation and motion graphics, interactive and apps.

Our Approach:

We do this by uniting the efforts of designers, animators, videographers, programmers and technical specialists. This means we can deliver creative, innovative, moving content and experiences.

The Benefits:

By doing this, we push the boundaries of digital to help connect you with your audience.


We specialise in visual communication for the screen


    We create engaging digital experiences that people interact with; we design and build apps, interfaces for screens, and interactive business presentations with added "wow" factor.

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    For your website, YouTube, intranet or any other online space, we make videos for the web: promotional, training, interactive and corporate. Either supply us with existing assets and we’ll do the rest, or let us know what your aims are and we’ll create your video from scratch.

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Who are we

And what's with the name? Diode?

di•ode - a specialised electronic component comprised of two terminals, which push the current in a forwards direction.

This (somewhat geeky) definition sums up the foundations of our company.

We set out to create exciting on-screen experiences in a continuing convergence of video and web based media.

Diode Digital’s two award winning founders have over 30 years combined commercial experience, a comprehensive knowledge of the digital space and a keen eye on emerging technologies.

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